Feral Druid Macros (MoP 5.4)

These are the Feral Druid Macros that currently work for patch 5.4. If you have any questions or suggestions on the Macros, please let me know.

Note: These are just your basic macros. Fore more advanced
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/cast [nostance:3] Cat Form(Shapeshift);
[nostealth, nocombat] !Prowl(Cat Form);
Maim(Cat Form)

How it Works – This will put you in Cat Form, then stealth followed by a Maim on your current target. If you don’t have the combo points when going into Cat Form, Maim won’t be casts.



/cast [nostance:3] Cat Form(Shapeshift);
[nostealth, nocombat]
!Prowl(Cat Form); [stealth] Pounce(Cat Form);
Shred(Cat Form)

How it Works – If you’re prowling, you will casts Pounce. If you’re not prowling, you will casts Shred. Of course Shred only works if you’re behind the target at the time.



/cast [nostealth] InsertTrinket
/cast [stealth][stance: 1/3] Berserk

How it Works – If you’re just in stealth, it will casts Berserk. If you’re not in stealth, it will casts both your trinket and Berserk. Only thing required for you to do is put your dps trinket where it says “InsertTrinket”.


  Faerie Fire

/cast [stance:1/3] Faerie Fire
(Feral)(Feral); Faerie Fire

How it Works – This will cast Faerie Fire no matter what form you’re in. Probably my most used Feral Macro, it works really well for PvP.


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