Balance Druid Macros (MoP 5.4)

These are the Balance Druid Macros that currently work for patch 5.4. If you have any questions or suggestions on the Macros, please let me know.

Note: These are just your basic macros. Fore more advanced
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  Celestial Alignment

/cast Celestial Alignment
/cast Starfall

How it Works – Automatically uses Celestial Alignment off cooldown when casting Starfall. The cooldown is 3 minutes, so it’s a great way to make sure you’re not missing out on dps.


  Cat Form/Dash

/cast [nostance:3] Cat Form(Shapeshift);
Dash(Cat Form)

How it Works – Puts you in Cat Form followed by a quick Dash. I use this quite a lot when Pvping as Balance, it’s an oldy, but still works great.


  Innervate Mouseover

/cast [nomod, @mouseover, exists, help]
[nomod, @target, exists, help]
[nomod, @focus, exists, help]
[@player] Innervate

How it Works – Uses Innervate on mouseover target. If nobody is on your mousover, it will be casts on your current target. If you have no current targets, it will be casts on yourself.


  Force of Nature

Force of Nature
/cast !Force of Nature

How it Works – Will have your treants attack current target.


If you’re still having trouble finding the Macros you’re looking for, or need more advanced ones, then check out the addon I use called Impulse. It will show you how to set-up your keybindings based on your class/spec, and give you TONS of pre-made macros for Mists.

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